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"I am the light of Ra, defender of the good and innocent, enemy of shadow, and the founder of the Ancient Prophecy of Ra."

Osiris is a character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Osiris was the god of light as well as Set's brother, and he made up half of Ra. Eons ago, Osiris and Set used to rule together as equals. However, Set became greedy and betrayed Osiris to become the only force in the universe. Osiris was then protected by Anubis, who created the Great Wall of Heliopolis to defend him from the Eye of Ra. Once Sphinx retrieved all of the Sacred Crowns of Egypt, Anubis revealed that he needed them to give Osiris the power to manifest again. Osiris then reveals how he built the walls years ago and how cursing the palace was necessary. He then tells Sphinx to travel to the Castle of Uruk and battle Set. In the end, Sphinx was victorious and the two rejoined to become Ra.

Connection with Ancient EgyptEdit

In traditional Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the god/king of the afterlife, more specifically the transition from living to dead and resurrection. He is often depicted as a green-skinned man wrapped in linen bandages holding a crook and flail. He also wears an Atef crown, similar to the white crown of upper Egypt. He was betrayed by his brother Set, who cut him into pieces and scattered his remains. His sister and wife, Isis, revived him by gathering his dismembered body parts. They eventually had a son named Horus, the falcon-headed god of the sky, sun, and moon. The game character Horus does not seem to be related to this character, however.

Abydos was once a flourishing cult center for Osiris. The Great Temple of Osiris was the site of an annual procession that involved worshipers transporting an image of the god from the temple to the location of his supposed tomb and back. Abydos is also a famous royal necropolis, further connecting the city with the god of the afterlife.

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