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The Outskirts of the Castle of Uruk (also known as the Uruk Valley or Uruk Outskirts) is a large, lava-charred location in Uruk.

History Edit

Sphinx and Horus were sent to the Outskirts of Castle of Uruk by Imhotep in order to obtain the Blade of Osiris. After leaving Imhotep's briefing, Horus quickly took off without Sphinx to get farther ahead. With Sphinx left to figure out how to get up onto a platform by himself, he met a Spitting Toad who would launch him up to the platform in exchange for three coconuts. The exchange was made, and Sphinx made it up to the platform. There, he and Horus used the Blood of Ra so they could activate the lava geysers that had been blocked off. By moving a statue, the flow of lava resumed, allowing them to reach another point of the Outskirts via the geysers.

The two encounter their first mechanical eye, forcing them to cleverly sneak around it. Over the course of the mission, Horus was struck by an Eye of Ra from the castle's tower, sending him down onto a platform.

Appearance Edit


Lava Geyser

Blade of Osiris area

Area where the Blade of Osiris is found

The Outskirts of the Castle of Uruk were lava-charred and desolate. However, the area was not completely lifeless, as it did contain monsters and palm trees. For most living things, it was quite unsuitable. The area curves counter-clockwise (toward the Blade of Osiris) and later clockwise (from Blade to Portal Chamber) around the castle.

Inhabitants, Items, and Sub-Locations Edit

Monsters Edit

As Capture Beetles aren't available at this point, no monsters in this area are capturable.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Outskirts are only visited once.
  • The area's layout, especially how it appears to double back on itself, makes mapping it difficult.
  • Oddly, the area cannot be seen from the Castle of Uruk during a moment where Tutankhamen must traverse the castle's exterior walkways.

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