The Pharaoh Spider is the third boss encountered in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Main article: Pharaoh of Heliopolis

The Pharaoh of Heliopolis, who had been turned into stone by Anubis, is freed by Sphinx. But it is immediately discovered that he had been replaced by a minion of Set, intent on delivering the Sacred Crown of Heliopolis to his master. When Sphinx frees him, he flees to the catacombs beneath the Cursed Palace, where he transforms into a huge monster and is confronted by Sphinx. When he is defeated, Sphinx retrieves the Sacred Crown.

Appearance and Arena Edit

The Pharaoh Spider is teal-tinted and has six legs, a humanoid torso, and a scorpion stinger on the tip of his tail. His arms are extremely long and can reach Sphinx from far away.

The catacombs in which Sphinx fights him is a cave with a low ceiling and loose rocks littering the ground. It has a large central area, with several smaller protrusions off it.

Abilities, Attacks and AssistanceEdit

  • Grab: The Pharaoh Spider sweep his arms back and forth. If he catches Sphinx he will crush him in his fist, and then throw him.
  • Fist slam: The Pharaoh Spider smashes the ground with enough force to make rocks fall from the ceiling.
  • Fireballs: The Pharaoh Spider shoots fireballs from his tail.
  • Spike Spiders: The Pharaoh Spider summons Spike Spiders to jump onto Sphinx and attack him.

Strategy for SphinxEdit

Pharaoh spider cs mistake

Taunting Sphinx after his defeat

Pick up a rock, throw it at the Pharaoh Spider to stun him, then slash him with the Blade of Osiris. Repeat as many times as needed.

Stay out of range of his arms when he's sweeping them back and forth, and be careful not to get trapped in a corner of the arena.

Trivia Edit

  • Like the other spiders in the game, the Pharaoh Spider only has six legs. Real spiders have eight.

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