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Portal Amulets are Quest Items in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. They are used by Sphinx as offerings to Portal Gods in exchange for teleportation.

It is speculated that the symbols on each amulet are the name of the location in hieroglyphs.

Temple AmuletEdit

The Temple Amulet is impossible to obtain.

While in the Outskirts of the Castle of Uruk, Sphinx is supposed to find the temple amulet in order to return to Imhotep's temple. It is hidden in a chest, hidden there by Imhotep some time prior. However, the Eye of Ra from the Castle of Uruk strikes the pathway he is on before he can get to it, stranding him with only the mysterious amulet.

Mysterious AmuletEdit

Mysterious Amulet
"A Portal Amulet with strange symbols indicating transport to a Mysterious Location."
Book of Sphinx

The Mysterious Amulet is the first portal amulet acquired or used in the game, and allows Sphinx to travel to the Mysterious Location.

Sphinx acquires the Mysterious Amulet in the Outskirts of the Castle of Uruk, in a chest trapped with Spike Spiders.

The Mysterious Location is thought to be Luxor Pyramid. Luxor's ancient Egyptian name, Waset, in hieroglyphs:


Abydos AmuletEdit

Abydos Amulet
"A Portal Amulet with oceanic symbols indicating transport to Abydos."
Book of Sphinx

The Abydos Amulet allows Sphinx to travel to Abydos, arriving in the Abydos Sewers. It is received in the Mysterious Location from Nefertiti.

Since the amulet was given to Nefertiti by Tutankhamen, it may be an Old Amulet from Luxor Palace. It is not, however, one of the ones Tutankhamen collects for Aunt Seti, as he keeps those in his inventory.

The "oceanic" symbols on this amulet could be Abydos's ancient Egyptian name, Abdju, or simply the hieroglyph for "ocean/sea":


Heliopolis AmuletEdit

"A Portal Amulet with sand etched symbols indicating transport to Heliopolis."
Book of Sphinx

The Heliopolis Amulet allows Sphinx to travel to Heliopolis, arriving in Imhotep's temple on Sun Shrine Island.

Sphinx receives the Heliopolis amulet from a guard in the Abydos Canal, in exchange for killing the Piranhas and Exo-Piranhas there. It stops him having to pay 25 Icon scarab to travel on Khonsu's boat.

Heliopolis's ancient Egyptian name, I͗wnw/Iunu, in hieroglyphs:


Anubis AmuletEdit

"A Portal Amulet with ancient symbols indicating transport to Anubis Tower."
Book of Sphinx

The Anubis Amulet allows Sphinx to travel to Anubis Tower, arriving just below the platform on which Sphinx speaks to Anubis.

Sphinx receives the amulet from Imhotep when he instructs him to visit Anubis.

Anubis's name, Anpu/Inpu, in hieroglyphs:


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