Sphinx Ra
Name Ra
Gender Male
Home Unknown
Role Protagonist
Relations Osiris (Half)
Set (Half)
Age Ancient (as old as the universe)
Death N/A
Cause of Death N/A
Status Alive (immortal)
Gallery Ra Gallery

Ra is a protagonist in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Ra was the god of the sun, light, and darkness, as well as the lord of all gods. He was the combined form of Osiris and Set. The world was peaceful under the protection of Ra, but Set soon betrayed Osiris out of jealousy, which ended Ra's first age. After the defeat of Set at the hands of Sphinx, Set was willing to rejoin to Osiris, bringing peace to the world once more.

Traits and Appearance Edit

Ra's dominant appearance was a massive bright blue light.

Tools Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ra was an Egyptian god with the head of an eagle.
  • Ra was originally portrayed as a sun god. He was responsible for traveling by two boats through the physical world and the all the layers of the perilous underworld in order to bring about night and day. His boats were called the Mandjet for the morning and the Mesektet for the evening/night.
  • In later Dynastic times, Ra and Horus were merged into one god, called Ra/Re-Horakhty, who took on the role of ruler of the sky, sun, earth and underworld. He was briefly replaced by the Aten, or sun disk (which Ra, and several other deities, were sometimes depicted as wearing), during the rule of Pharaoh Akhenaten's rule (for which he was branded a heretic by the cult of Ra), but was later restored as the chief sun deity after Tutankhamun took over the throne.
  • Ra had three forms, each of which was also considered a separate god.
    • In the morning, he was the scarab god Khepri, who pushed the sun up. At noon and afternoon, he was Ra. In the evening, he was the ram-headed god Khnum.