Sarcophagi are human-shaped coffins used for teleportation. Several were set up within the Luxor Palace, along with others scattered elsewhere. They are also apparently sentient, as they can talk and have a King and a Queen.

Locations and ConnectionsEdit

Location Connection Use and Notes
Luxor Palace Throne Room Above the throne itself Used by Tutankhamen to access the alcoves.
Luxor Palace Throne Room alcoves Each connects to the next alcove Used by Tutankhamen to access the chests up there.
Outside Luxor Palace Throne Room A fenced off area of the hidden passage behind the throne.
Treasure Room Mysterious Location Used to loot the Treasure Room, later used by Tutankhamun out of curiosity.
Abydos Museum Hall of Jewels Unknown, likely Castle of Uruk Sarcophagus Queen. Used to steal the Abydos Jewels.

Connection with Ancient EgyptEdit

Sarcophagi are box-like coffins usually made to hold the dead. They are actually the stone box itself (usually carved from limestone) and not the human-shaped coffins inside, which these sarcophagi are.

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