A savegame is a file that allows the player to store their progress, enabling them to quit the game and resume later from the same place they left off. Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy has three save slots, letting the player have three different playthroughs at different stages simultaneously.

PC port Edit

The format was largely unchanged in the PC port, with the first slot stored in a file called DATA0 and the second and third slots are stored as DATA1 and DATA2, respectively. This mirrors the contents of a memory card in a sixth-generation console.

Additionally, the PC version holds backups of all the previous versions of a slot, named with a timestamp. This is in order to simplify the task of rolling back to a previous state just by copying and renaming files.

Savegame slot location Edit

On Windows the game uses the per-user Saved Games folder. Because macOS and Linux don't have a standardized way of doing the same thing, save slots are instead stored in their respective configuration folders:

Operating systemFile path
Windows %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Sphinx\
Linux $XDG_DATA_HOME/Sphinx/
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/Sphinx/

Mod savegamesEdit

Mods use their own independent set of save slots. Instead of just Sphinx, the folder is suffixed with the name of the mod folder, i.e. Sphinx_ModFolderName. So Steam Workshop mods will use their unique ID code. For example, the Shadow of Set mod by jmarti856 will use the folder Sphinx_1614156774.

If two normal mods share the same folder name, they will also share slots.

Internal format Edit

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The save file is composed of player entry-points, various objective and inventory sections and it is check-summed via a trailing CRC-32 sum of the whole file minus the field for the hash itself. If the game detects that the data is corrupt it will grey out the slot, making it unplayable until overwritten.

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