Scarabs are ability items in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. They are a form of currency in the game.

History Edit

Scarabs are available in most locations that Sphinx visits, and they generally hide in pots.

Types Edit

Gold Scarabs Edit

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A Gold Scarab

Gold scarabs are the most common types of scarabs found, and can be found at most locations that Sphinx visits. However, they have a value of 1 gold scarab.

Green Scarabs Edit

Green scarabs have a value of 5 gold scarabs, being the second least-valuable kind. They, too, can be found in pots, and there are generally one instead of the multiple gold ones.

Red Scarabs Edit

Ps2 sphynxhadow0800 790screen079

A Red Scarab

Worth more than the green scarab, the red scarabs are worth 10 gold scarabs. They are more sparse, and the most well known and consistent place to find them is on a ledge in Abydos. They are physically a similar size to the gold scarab.

Blue Scarabs Edit

Ps2 sphynxhadow0800 790screen077

A Blue Scarab

Blue Scarabs have a value of 20 gold scarabs. They are as rare as red scarabs, and can be found outside Anubis Tower or Lost Temple of Heliopolis.

Blue and Gold Scarabs Edit


A Blue and Gold Scarab

These scarabs are the largest of all of the scarabs, and there are only three in existence. They are worth 100 gold scarabs, being the most valuable in the game.

Onyx Scarabs Edit

Ps2 sphynxhadow0800 790screen078

An Onyx Scarab

Only the Mummy can collect these, as they are only found at the Castle of Uruk. There are a total of only 480 Onyx Scarabs in the game, so they are extremely valuable. Bas-Ket later transfers them to Sphinx, allowing him to purchase special items from Heliopolis Point. The scarabs themselves are each worth 5 scarabs, similar to the Green. These are not counted towards the total holded by the Scarab Bag, but are counted as a different currency.

These are the Onyx Scarabs total for each Mummy level

  • 1st Mummy Chapter: 90 (includes 5 for killing the Alert Spider)
  • 2nd Mummy Chapter: 45
  • 3rd Mummy Chapter: 100
  • 4th Mummy Chapter: 100
  • 5th Mummy Chapter: 65
  • 6th Mummy Chapter: 80
  • Total: 480

Trivia Edit

  • Scarabs cannot exceed 400 until the large scarab bag is obtained from the poor bird, which allows for 900 scarabs.
  • Once released from their container, the scarabs must be collected quickly before they scuttle off and disappear.

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