The scribe is a character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Cursed Palace Edit

The scribe was summoned to the Pharaoh of Heliopolis's Palace to write his autobiography. However, when he arrived, he was turned to stone along with the rest of the inhabitants. When Sphinx rescues him, the scribe gives him the Book of the Dead, which grants Sphinx the ability to summon Bas-Ket to take items to or from Tutankhamen. After being rescued, the scribe returns home to Abydos to write a new book about his experiences.

He is never encountered again after being rescued, despite his request for the player to meet him later, and any attempts to find his house in Abydos are futile.

Traits and Appearance Edit

The scribe has yellow skin and white facial hair, suggesting that he is old.

Connection with Ancient EgyptEdit

The scribe has strong associations with Hunefer, an ancient Egyptian scribe who was the owner of a well-known copy of the Book of the Dead, and the steward of Pharaoh Seti I.

Fan Speculation Edit

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