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Set's true form is the fourth and final boss encountered by Sphinx.

Biography Edit

Main article: Set

Set transforms into his true form when Sphinx arrives in the Castle of Uruk to challenge him.

Appearance and Arena Edit

Set's true form is the largest character in the game, a towering humanoid that seems almost made of the lava he stands in.

The arena in which Sphinx fights him is a circular pathway around a pool of lava.

Abilities, Attacks and Assistance Edit

  • Bombs: Set throws out glowing spheres that explode when Sphinx is close to them.
  • Fireballs: Set throws out fireballs that leave glowing hot areas on the floor.
  • Flamethrowers: Set shoots fire from both outstretched hands, and slowly rotates.
  • Laser Barriers: Set crouches at one side of the arena and generates laser shapes that sweep around the arena from him. This is the only time he is reachable and vulnerable to attack, as his red energy orb appears in front of his head.
  • Blade Robots: There are several blade-wielding robots in the arena that hop towards Sphinx to attack him.
  • Solid Walls: Set raises high walls sectioning off parts of the arena, potentially trapping Sphinx with a robot.

Strategy for Sphinx Edit

Avoid the bombs, fireballs/hot areas, and robots. When Set uses his flamethrower attack, run in the direction he is rotating (for reference, the outside edge of the arena should be the right speed at full run; the inside edge of the arena is a bit too quick).

The laser shapes are much like the walls in the Corridor of Champions - the gauntlet shapes are even shaped like them - but will damage on contact. You must get through these to get to Set, then jump and strike his energy orb to damage him.

  1. Low bars: Simply jump over the shapes as you run towards Set.
  2. High and low bars: Jump over the low shapes, run under the high shapes, and repeat.
  3. Gauntlet shapes: Double jump through the gaps.
  4. Flat rectangle: These coat the ground and are too large to double jump over, so you must jump to and from the circular stone plinths around the arena.
  5. Low bars (fast): Exactly the same as the first pattern, but these travel at a much higher speed.
  6. High and low bars (fast): Exactly the same as the second pattern, but these travel at a much higher speed.

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