The Sharpbeak is a monster in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Description Edit

"Sharpbeaks carry a sword in each hand which they wield with disorientating and discerning skill. Infamous for slowly but surely bearing down on their opponent, utilizing the Florentine dual rapier method to deadly effect."
Book of Sphinx
"A rare specimen of this battling creature."
Monster Inspector
"The Sharpbeak’s slender form makes it a lithe warrior, and they are well trained in swordsmanship techniques. Dark magic is rumored to be the cause of this unusual blend of lizard and bird."
Abydos Museum

Traits, Appearance, and Abilities Edit

The Sharpbeak was a purple-feathered humanoid bird. It made the noise of a crow.

Sharpbeaks can be a challenge to fight. They wield dual weapons, which they use to attack and defend. They will twirl their swords at the enemy as they approach, and will occasionally block against attacks that aren't landed quickly enough. Once they are in their defensive position, they will stay in it to avoid being overwhelmed by a flurry of strikes. On occasion, the Sharpbeak may lunge forward.

Strategy for SphinxEdit

Try to land strategically placed blows with the Blade of Osiris. Like the Knives Cat, it blocks Sphinx if hit continuously. When it starts to block your attacks, fall back and go in for the attack once again when you have an opening.

Locations Edit

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