The Shield of Osiris is an ability item in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. This magical shield is Sphinx's primary form of defense, and was once used in battle by the great god Osiris.

History Edit

Sphinx acquires the Shield of Osiris while at the Mysterious Location. It was used to help him get to the chamber where Tutankhamen was being killed, as it was protected by a laser before. It is mainly used to deflect such lasers, but otherwise, it is seldom used in fighting.

The shield's main combat use is when combatting a Skeletal Axeman by deflecting the thrown axe, or a Skull Swordsman's spirit. The shield can also defend against an Armadillo’s charge, or other attacks, with its only real weakness being that it leaves Sphinx open to attack from behind him, and that he must hold both hands in order to use it, preventing him to use the sword to attack at the same time.

Trivia Edit

  • It appears to be made out of some kind of pulsating blue light.
  • Its circular shape suggests the shield may be a targe shield, or a Greek hoplon or aspis.
  • Similarly to the Blade of Osiris, the shield was used by Osiris.
  • By toggling the shield fast enough right after a blow one can cancel the wait caused by the end of the standard attack animation and strike multiple chained hits. This is a trick used by speedrunners.

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