The Slim Burble is a monster in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. It is one of the three manipulable monsters, the others being Fire Armadillos and Electric Armadillos. When manipulated correctly, it destroys cracked objects.

Description Edit

"Has a suicidal defense method that involves creating an explosive charge before launching at its target and detonating…This can be advantageous when releasing captured Slim Burbles towards obstacles."
Book of Sphinx
"A quick breeder, and explosive too!"
Monster Inspector
"Sporting spindlier limbs when compared to other Burbles, the Slim Burble is capable of laying eggs with alarming frequency. Living in warrens built at the base of cliff faces, its fiery temperament derives from a diet that primarily consists of freshly-flowing lava."
Abydos Museum

Traits, Appearance, and Abilities Edit

Slim Burbles are frog-like creatures living in the base of cliffs in small caves. Before blowing itself up, the Slim Burble lays a stone-like egg by coughing it up through its mouth. Their self-destruction ability and temper comes from the creature's diet of fresh-flowing magma. The Slim Burble can balance on one foot while scratching its head with the other foot.

When it emerges from its den, it will immediately produce more Sim Burbles, which will do the same upon growing to full size. It will approach its target and when close enough, it will stop completely and glow red. After a few seconds, it will jump towards its target and explode upon colliding with it - or an object in the way. If it misses, it will repeat its previous actions until it manages to hit something.

Strategy for SphinxEdit

All you really need to do is avoid it, meaning don't let it jump at you and don't attack it, as it will explode in your face. This is the only monster that you can catch without hitting first, and the only monster that can be killed with Standard Darts or Bouncing Darts.

Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Slim Burble has six teeth. When they jump however, you can only see five.
  • Slim Burbles appear to undergo asexual reproduction (meaning they have no need to find a mate).

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