Sphinx Walk
Name Sphinx
Gender Male
Home Unknown
Role Protagonist
Relations Horus (Former Ally)
Imhotep (Master)
Age 20 (Estimated)
Death N/A
Cause of Death N/A
Status Alive
Gallery Sphinx Gallery

Sphinx is the main protagonist in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. He is sometimes referred to as "The One of the Prophecy".

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Very little is known about Sphinx's past, with the exception of his time as Imhotep's apprentice. It is unknown how long he was his apprentice before he went on the mission to retrieve the Blade of Osiris. His parentage also remains a mystery, though it can be assumed from his demigod status that one of his parents was an Egyptian deity, and the other a mortal.

Retrieving the Blade of Osiris Edit

Imhotep sent Sphinx and Horus into the outskirts of Uruk to retrieve the Blade of Osiris, an ancient sword once wielded by the god Osiris. The two went off, and Sphinx was poked fun at by his partner the whole way there. Eventually, Horus came to a bridge, and was struck down by the Eye of Ra, causing him to fall onto a platform and go down a lava-fall.

Sphinx reached the blade and took it, and was ordered by Imhotep to head back to the temple. In order to return to his master, Sphinx needed to get the Temple Amulet. On his way to retrieve it, he was struck by the Eye of Ra, and was sent flying through the building next to him.

In desperate times, he was forced to use a different amulet that he had found earlier, which would lead him to an unknown location. Unbeknownst to him, Tutankhamen was being murdered in the location he was going to.

Mysterious Location/Prince Rescue Edit

While in the Mysterious Location, Sphinx was forced to make his way towards a chamber where the Shield of Osiris was located. The skeletons around the area then reanimated into Skeletal Axemen.

Traits and Appearance Edit

Sphinx's clothes consists of reddish-brown leather pants, and a black headdress that resembles a short lion's mane with gold and lapis lazuli accents. His black hair is tucked underneath. He also sports arm wraps made of the same material as his pants, gold bands on his forearms, an elaborate leather Egyptian style collar, leather belt, and knee guards. Like the monument with the same name, he possesses lion-like traits (a tail, lion-like face, pointed ears, four toed lion-like feet, etc). His skin is quite tan as a result of living under the hot desert sun (interestingly, he is one of the few humanoid characters to sport one).The dark face paint around his warm brown eyes accentuates his feline features. Although somewhat short, he has a very strong body. His athletic build is attributed to his love of climbing, swimming, and sword-fighting, all of which he performs with ease. He is said to be a teenage anthropoid/humanoid version of the Sphinx.

Personality Edit

Not much has been revealed about Sphinx in terms of his personality. Still, although he never speaks in-game, judging by his eagerness to retrieve the Blade of Osiris despite the risks, he possesses a great deal of courage. He is described as "headstrong" and this can easily be seen in his reluctance to back down from a challenge. Sphinx is also quite clever, as he has to deal with puzzles much like Tutankhamen (though his are not as complex). He is almost always smirking and standing in a nonchalant manner, showing off his confidence.

Despite his cool demeanor and somewhat intimidating appearance, he is generally kind and helpful to everyone he meets. He has no qualms about putting aside his quest to save the world when he comes across someone in need, even if the request is ridiculous or mundane.

Tools Edit

Actions Edit

  • Jump
  • Attack
    • Slam (Overhead Slam) after obtaining the Wings of Ibis
  • Swim

Trivia Edit

  • It is highly likely that Sphinx was named for the monument, the Sphinx.
  • When being launched by the Spitting Toad, Sphinx exclaims," Woah!", making him a protagonist that isn't "completely" silent.
  • In the first few trailers for the game, Sphinx sports triangular cut outs on his face paint that are also present in his promotional artwork. For unknown reasons, they were removed from his character model in the retail version.
  • As Sphinx is a demigod, it can be inferred that one of his parents was a god. The most likey candidate for his divine parent, considering his leonid appearance, is the war goddess Sekhmet who is often depicted with the head of a lioness.
    • Another possibility is the male god Maahes, god of war and protection. This however is unlikely due to his relative obscurity compared to Sekhmet.

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