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Set Profile

Set and his brother, Osiris, ruled together in harmony as Ra, the king of the gods. However, Set soon became jealous of his brother and attacked him, weakening him substancially. Set later conquered Uruk, turning it into a barren and volcanic wasteland infested with his demons. He later constructed the powerful Castle of Uruk, along with the destructinve Eye of Ra to kill his brother. To protect himself, Osiris fled to Heliopolis and entered the Great Wall of Heliopolis that was constructed by Anubis. Set soon put his plans in motion to power the Eye with the three Sacred Crowns of Egypt. In order to kill Tutankhamen, he impersonated the Prince's brother, Akhenaten.

Featured Character

Nefertiti lived inside the Luxor Palace and was engaged to Prince Tutankhamen. The Prince's maid had informed the Prince that Nefertiti wanted to see him in the Courtyard. He had to chase down her letter after it blew away. Although Menes tried to convince her that the marriage was not a good idea to go through with, Nefertiti insisted.

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  • Sphinx was released on Nintendo Switch on 29-Jan-19
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  • As of Nov 10, 2017 the Sphinx community has revived with the new release of an HD PC port on Steam!
  • THQ Nordic has acquired the rights to Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy and are planning on releasing a remaster in November!
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Here's the featured image. There's something that is really funny about Tutankhamen's he's disapproving of Sphinx. So, that is why we have this as a featured was going to be this --> this image...but somehow that didn't get voted through (wonder why?)

Anyways, this image is definetly one of my favorites on the wiki.

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"Don't worry Tutankhamen, there must be another way to change you back. Perhaps other worlds will hold the key to your salvation. We will help you find the answer..." ―Imhotep to Tutankhamen