The SatCM community is the biggest and most active of the few communities for Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy that exist.



The official SatCM Discord server contains over 200 members, including: the current developer for the Steam and the Nintendo Switch release; one of the past developers that worked on the original release of the game; and a THQ Nordic Director of business and production development.

There are a ton of things to enjoy on the server, including contests, mods, community and official support, and of course the latest updates about the game. It's a great place for all, modders, programmers, gamers, artists, and memers alike.

It is the fastest place to find news about Sphinx and has plenty of die hard fans to connect to. It is growing every day and is the official, verified Discord server!


You can also find the community active on deviantArt at the SatCM Fan Community group.


A SatCM fansite is currently under development, more updates will be posted on our discord server in due time. The website will be published at SatCM Community.

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