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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

To be used in templates on the main page. Centralises spacing (and controls it with css) and standardises heading image sizes.


Parameter Explanation Options/Example
type Controls width and some styling, dependant on whether the block will be in the main (left) area of the page or in the sidebar on the right. Options: main/side
heading The heading image. Do not use a link ([[ ]]) or the "Image:" prefix; image is automatically linked and resized.
Optional: if not included, the other heading parameters are not needed.
headingtext Alt text for the heading image for accessibility; usually just type out whatever the image says. Browse
headinglink A link for the heading to lead to. Just the page name is needed; do not use [[ ]]. Can be left blank for the image not to link anywhere. :Category:Browse
content The main content of the box.
Optional, for if you just want the header image and its link/etc, with margins above and below.


|content=<gallery source="template" widths="200" orientation="portrait" spacing="small" hideaddbutton="true" position="center" captionalign="center" captionposition="within" bordercolor="#413a40" columns= "3" captiontextcolor="#D5D4D4" navigation="true">
Cobra.jpg|Monsters|link=List of Monsters
Uruk castle all.png|Locations|link=List of Locations
GalleryItems.png|Items|link=List of Items

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