The Treasure Room is a room in the Luxor Palace.

History Edit

Tutankhamen was tasked by Aunt Seti to deliver the old amulets to the Treasure Room. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the room had been robbed, and all that was left were empty arks and a "useless sarcophagus" at the end of the hall. Tutankhamen entered it, and was taken to the Mysterious Location, where Akhenaten and Menes were plotting to take over Luxor and murder Tut.

Appearance Edit

The Treasure Room was once filled with old treasures and amulets but, it gained a sarcophagus that transported Tutankhamen to the Mysterious Location. On the floor was a rug that stretched the entire length, vases had lined the walls and multiple windows provided light. The end of the hall featured an eagle doorway.

Inhabitants and Items Edit

People Edit

Trivia Edit

  • During the events of the game, Akhenaten and Menes raided the room. 
  • The door at the end of the hall looks similar to the Blood of Ra altars.

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