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Name Tutankhamen
Gender Male
Home Luxor Palace, Luxor
Role Protagonist
Relations Aunt Seti (Aunt)
Akhenaten (Brother)
King of Luxor (Father)
Nefertiti (Fiance)
Age 20 (Estimated)
Death Mysterious Location
Cause of Death Murder
Status Undead
Gallery Tutankhamen Gallery

Tutankhamen (also known as the Mummy and the Cursed Mummy) is the secondary protagonist in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, and is the only other playable character in the game (the other being Sphinx).

Biography Edit

Luxor Palace Edit

Early Life Edit

Tutankhamen lived in Luxor Palace all of his life as the prince of Luxor. His older brother, Akhenaten, expressed jealousy towards him.

Birthday/Conspiracy Edit

On his birthday, Tutankhamen awoke to the maid telling him to get ready for his big day. After putting on his blue outfit, he left the room and made his way towards the Courtyard. On his way, he met up with his aunt, Aunt Seti, whom asked if he would seek out eight Old Amulets within the palace. He accepted.

Out in the Courtyard, he met up with his girlfriend, Lady Nefertiti. Having lost her letter to a gust of wind, he chased after it for her. He chased down the crow that had stolen it, and he was successfully able to return it to her. They talked for a bit, then parted ways.

Tutankhamen went back into the palace, making his way to the dining hall and throne room. On his way, he ran into his jealous older brother, Akhenaten, who openly expressed his disliking of Tutankhamen's presence. From there, he explored the palace after moving the throne to reveal a crawl space. Once he went in it, he discovered a sewer-type system below ground. When he left, the King of Luxor scolded him for behaving so dangerously.

He eventually found the Sarcophagus Key, allowing him to transport himself via sarcophagi. His first attempt using it led him to the top of the eagle statue in the dining hall. He later returned to his room, where he found a wardrobe that led to a mysterious part of the palace. He found another old amulet there.

Having found the final amulet, he returned to Aunt Seti and gave her the amulets. In exchange for his kind deed, she gave him the Treasure Room Key. Tutankhamen headed towards the treasure room, located near the dining hall, only to find out that it had been ransacked and stolen from, all except for one sarcophagus. Upon using it, he found himself in a mysterious location, with Menes and Akhenaten leading several worshippers. They seized Tutankhamen, preparing to murder him.

Castle of Uruk Edit

Traits and Appearance Edit

Tutankhamen's living appearance consisted of a blue outfit, a false beard, a blue headdress, and a small forelock of exposed brown hair. While living in Luxor Palace, he was given the option to wear a pink version of his clothes; however, the maid would not let him leave the room, as she thought the outfit was "ugly". As the Mummy, he was covered in linen wraps with only a single eye, a nose, and mouth exposed.

Abilities Edit

Basic Abilities Edit

Basic abilities are Tutankhamen's abilities that do not require special activation. They are available in both prince and mummy forms.

Shimmy/Sneak: Tutankhamen could press himself against a wall and shimmy along its edge. Sometimes, these shimmy ledges contained wooden spike traps that could emerge from the walls, requiring Tutankhamen to time himself when crossing the ledges so he would not fall.

Crawl: Tutankhamen gets down on all fours and crawls along the ground on his knees and elbows. This was primarily used to enter crawlspaces.

Special Abilities Edit

Special abilities require activation from some sort of device, such as a fire trap. They are only available in mummy form.

Bat Mummy: Tutankhamen is transformed into a skeletal bat by one of Menes' traps, allowing him to fly. While in this form, he will squeak like a real bat during flight.

Dark Stone of Invisibility: Tutankhamen can use the stone in order to be invisible as long as he is standing still. Even the smallest of steps deactivates it. Small, uncontrollable movements that aren't caused by the player (his idle motions) do not affect it.

Electric Mummy: Tutankhamen becomes electrified, and the electricity coursing through his body causes him to spasm while he walks. This ability allows him to activate electrical devises similarly to Electric Armadillos.

Fire Mummy: Tutankhamen catches fire and can set wooden objects on fire similarly to Fire Armadillos. If he is standing still, he will make attempts to extinguish the flames, but he can't.

Paper Mummy: Tutankhamen becomes flattened between two walls. This ability allows him to slip through barred doorways and to be blown around by giant fans.

Smoke Mummy: Tutankhamen is completely incinerated into a cloud of smoke, vaguely resembling a Dark Worshipper without its staff. This allows him to drift through spikes and barred doors. It is the last ability to be acquired, and can only be used once throughout the entire game.

Triple Mummy: Tutankhamen is sliced into three identical copies of himself. This ability has no time limit, and each of the copies can be switched to play as at any time.

Trivia Edit

  • Tutankhamen's first appearance is his prince form, and it is only played as once.
  • Over the entire course of the game, he only kills one monster: an Alert Spider. He did away with it via electrocution.
    • This is also his second monster encounter after a small Rat in Luxor Palace.
  • Oddly, Triple Mummy Traps have three blades, which would cut Tutankhamen into three parts. In order for it to actually work, two blades would be required.
  • Similarly to his canopic jars, Tutankhamen's mummy abilities could represent the five parts of the Egyptian soul:
    • Smoke: Sheut - Shadow
    • Bat: Ba - The human-headed bird personality
    • Electric/Triple: Ka - Life force and double
    • Paper: Ren - True name
    • Fire: Ib - heart
  • Obviously, he is inspired by the real Pharaoh Tutankhamen (also spelled Tutankhamun).
    • In real history, King Tutankhamen was made famous for wiping away Aten worship decreed by his father Akhenaten and restoring worship of the original pantheon which includes Ra, Osiris, Anubis and Set. His tomb restarted the interest in Ancient Egyptian history and culture. It is also interesting to note that the real life Nefertiti was Akhenaten's favorite wife and Tutankhamen's stepmother.
  • Tut's name translates to "Hidden Image of Amun".