So, you've decided to play Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. Here's a guide to how we play it, whether we're collecting monsters for the museum, getting exercise by taking the Corridor of Champions challenge, making a map of Heliopolis, or playing the game through to kick Set's butt!

Walkthrough Edit

  1. The Blade of Osiris
  2. Exploring Luxor Palace
  3. Investigating the Ceremony
  4. Welcome to Abydos
  5. Getting to Sun Shrine Island
  6. The Planetarium
  7. A Chat with Anubis
  8. The Cursed Palace and Eyes of Ra
  9. Spying on Set
  10. Saving Ketta
  11. Meeting the Mayor
  12. Fire and Electricity
  13. The Crown of Abydos

Bonus Missions Edit

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