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Name Uruk
Monsters Alert Spider
Set's Eyes
People Menes
Sub-Locations Castle of Uruk
Outskirts of Castle of Uruk
Planetarium of Amusement
Uruk Canyon
Uruk Islands
Gallery Uruk Gallery

Uruk (sometimes called the Land of Darkness) is a location in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

History Edit

Prior to Set's takeover, Uruk was inhabited by the Urukite race and was not entirely desolate. When it was conquered by the dark deity, most all of the population was wiped out, and those who survived were forced to live inside the Castle of Uruk. Set's monsters began to dominate the landscape, and all that remained of the old Uruk were temples, ruins, and a handful of survivors.

Castle of Uruk Edit

Main article: Castle of Uruk

The Castle of Uruk belonged to the Urukite race prior to Uruk's domination. When Set overtook the castle, the Urukite's were either imprisoned or killed, and a giant Eye of Ra was installed in its highest tower. Set's world-conquest took off from that moment, becoming the headquarters for his actions. After the murder of Tutankhamen, the body was placed in the dungeon with other rotting corpses. Tutankhamen would be brought to life for short periods of time and due missions for Sphinx.

Appearance Edit

Uruk was made up of volcanic landscapes, black soil, and rivers of lava. High mountains and volcanoes were visible along the horizon. Black clouds often loomed overhead. The giant Castle of Uruk was often visible from all sub locations.

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Trivia Edit

  • Uruk is an actual city in ancient Sumer (modern day Iraq), though the landscape is significantly different.
  • Bright balls of light are sometimes seen streaking down from the sky and impacting the desolate landscape below the cliffs. It is unknown what these signify.