The Uruk Temple is part of Uruk Islands.

History Edit

The Uruk Temple was part of the Uruk Islands in Uruk. It served as a prison for the maid, and Sphinx visited while on his quest.

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The Uruk Temple had a total of four doors that led to different areas. The first door (leading straight) led to an open area overlooking lava. In that room, the right side contained a ladder with an Alert Spider. After climbing across, a Smiling Burble would be encountered. On the other side of the room, there were ledges that led to a stable ledge with a Mummy Worm and Slim Burbles. On the room to the right, a maid was trapped. However, when Sphinx entered the room, the maid revealed that she was an ally of Set, and transformed into two Skull Swordsmen. This room contained several ramps and ledges. The room to the left had a large floor and pillars that needed to be cracked. The fourth door is merely the exit.

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  • After completing the temple, all of the rooms are lock shut other than the exit.
  • The puzzle solutions spell out T H O. These letters are pesumably the design of the room they access: "T" the forward room only has two paths: left and right. "H" the right room follows an H-like pattern. "O" the left room has a spiraling O shape. The fourth symbol is possibly referring to the four Uruk Islands: Portal, Temple, Key, and the Geb Queen's Palace.

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