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Location Articles

  • Remove Sphinx/Tut from People section generally, and put them in the location infobox "Visited As" section
  • Update location relations using diagram
  • Reduce normal location infobox monsters/people/sublocs to notable-only
  • Inhabitants, Items, and Sub-Locations -> ?
    • Features
    • Interests
    • Contents

Character Articles

  • Add a relevant quote at the top of each
  • Controls stuff for Sphinx and Tut

Monster Articles

  • Monster inspector quotes for all
  • Move monster strategy into traits/abilities, make "Strategy for Sphinx" higher level.

Boss Articles

Standardise layout, add strategy etc, like in Set (True Form)


  • Make some redirects
  • Group article for the hunter certs
  • Generally standardise Quote template usage
  • Sectioning rework
    • "Connection with Ancient Egypt" sections
    • Integrate trivia that's not trivial
  • Make the "list of" articles pictorial with Box templates, sorted into significant groups
  • Rework Soundtrack
    • Put steam tracks in, and have them be equivalent - have a steam # and title, and an "original" # and title. Sortable by both #s and titles.
  • Bring beta content together cohesively with articles, categories, and a navbox



  • Update em - Item infobox in particular
  • Make a new infobox for Interactive Objects
  • Use loop on Monster Infoboxes for stats?


  • Check all are exhaustive



  • Convert styling to stylesheet, use variables/loops/etc
  • Generally comb through Templates and strip down collection to make useable.
  • Write documentation for remaining templates
  • Make a hatnote template


  • Things that should be Interactive Objects
    • Palm trees?
    • Jugs?
    • Stela?
    • Explosive Flower
  • A Pickup category/article?
  • Reorganise Categories , oh boy.


  • Everything.
  • But also new box images for the pictorial lists -- User:Sphinxluvduvwuv handling
  • Include Book of Sphinx icons for items. Eventually all if we can be arsed, but especially things like the darts.


  • Make administration sidebar for Category:Site administration
  • Work on policy guides
  • New layout guides
  • Make preload templates
    • Establish standard first
  • Make message wall greeting tutorial
  • Implement <templatestyles>
    • Have contacted Fandom about having it installed
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