This is the player's only visit to the Luxor Palace. Once this level is complete, it becomes impossible to return.


After the cutscene, Tut is free to explore his room. Before leaving, he must get dressed, but attempting to leave while wearing the pink outfit will result in the maid commenting that it's hideous. Tut must be wearing the blue outfit in order to proceed. the maid is cleaning a cabinet which needs to be opened, so in order to distract her, knock over one of the flower pots (any will do).

Be sure to explore as much of the room as you can for Old Amulets. Some are hidden in wardrobes, and another behind one of the eagle statues near the door. Pull them out to find it.

Leave the room and head for the main room. Here you will find Aunt Seti and a noblewoman. Pull out both eagle statues to reveal a blocked off secret passage (there is no known way to unseal this passage), then talk to Aunt Seti, who will ask you to find the rest of the Amulets. Head to the door she is facing and open it. Menes will exit and head toward the royal chambers, but you can't go in there. Instead proceed past the door Menes came out of into the courtyard.


Map of Luxor Palace

The Luxor Palace is a relatively small region. The prince's room is a circular area, with an alcove at the rear for his bed. Upon leaving, the short hallway leads to a square atrium with three corridors (counting the rear corridor to the bedroom). The corridor on the left leads to the courtyard, a large square area. The corridor directly in front leads to the treasure room, banquet hall, and a hidden passage.

The bedroom also has a hidden passage that leads from a wardrobe to a secret door behind a statue next to the treasure room. The banquet hall is one the longest rooms in the region. While the banquet table in the center is clearly the main feature, the room is dominated by the massive golden eagle overlooking the throne, behind which lies the first passage, which has a secret room connected by a rotating lever.

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