The Wings of Ibis are an ability item in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. It allows Sphinx to double-jump.

History Edit

The Mummy finds the Wings of Ibis inside the Castle of Uruk. They are then transferred to Bas-Ket, who takes them to Sphinx. The first necessary use of the double jump feature is at Great Wall Entrance I


By using the wings, Sphinx can access higher ledges, cross farther distances, and preform an Overhead Slam, which is necessary for certain switches.

Description Edit

Journal Description Edit

An ancient artifact giving the ability to perform a second jump in mid air. - Book of Sphinx

Trivia Edit

  • Many users think of the Wings of Ibis as being similar to the Crocodile Scales and the Hands of Amun due to the fact that they are "traditional" ability items.
  • Ibis birds were sacred to the god Thoth, who is often depicted as or with the head of an Ibis.

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